History Of Ghostmeat

Ghostmeat was created in March 1994 in Clemson, SC by Sunbrain guitarist Russ Hallauer. Ghostmeat's first releases were 7" records featuring Sunbrain and friends from Toccoa, GA- The Remedy and Luxury. Later that year, Ghostmeat started work on a series of co-op compilations. The CDs were paid for and distributed equally amongst the bands involved. Assorted Fruit Flavors, Apollo's Salvage, Parts and many others were released showcasing independent rock primarily from Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas. The cooperative nature of Ghostmeat is something that exist to this day.

Ghostmeat relocated to Athens, GA in 1995. The first full-length album, Drip's No More Talkin', was released later that year. Since then, the label has released albums by Woodenhorse, Sunbrain, Tony Tidwell, Jennifer Goree, Vaudeville, Hayride, Michael, Drive-By Truckers, Lona, The Union, David Dondero, Lures, Team Emu, Russ Hallauer, William Tonks, The Starter Kits, The Welfare Liners and Ken Will Morton.

Ghostmeat has continued to release 7" records including releases by Commander Venus, Pen To Plough and This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. We also continue to release compilations including ten AthFest CDs featuring rare and unreleased recordings from R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Vic Chesnutt, The Whigs, Jucifer, Elf Power, Kevn Kinney, Dead Confederate, Japancakes, Jack Logan, Five Eight, Hope For Agoldensummer and many more.

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