Omaha, NE's Polecat was an early band of singer/guitarist Ted Stevens (pictured). He later went on to form Lullaby For The Working Class who recorded for Bar None Records and Saddle Creek Records. He is currently a guitarist in Saddle Creek's Cursive and Mayday. Polecat's first Ghostmeat release was the song "1979" on the Apollo's Salvage compilation released in 1995. Later that year, Ghostmeat and Lumberjack Records (which later became Saddle Creek) collaborated to release a Sunbrain & Polecat split 7".


Apollo's Salvage

Featuring the song "1979" by Polecar.

Released in 1995

This extremely rare CD is part of a series of co-op compilations released by your friends here at Ghostmeat Records.

1. Oblio Joes "Desiree
2. Drip "Chopped"
3. Sunbrain "Center of Mass"
4. Polecat "1979"
5. Old Man "Pain"
6. Smashmouth "Figured 8"
7. Grumpy "Cold Shower"
8. The Phoids "Lil' Suzy"
9. The Union "Skategirl (Settle, Discipline)"
10. Atticus Flinch "Obvious"
11. Fischer "Bullet For Me"
12. The Butterflies "Great"
13. Commander Venus "Pay Per View"
14. Carmine "Han Solo"
15. Slowdown Virginia "C.B."
16. Painting Churches "Clothes Off"
17. Major Nelson "Role Reversal"
18. Chump "Red Balloons"
19. Michael "Wide Awake"
20. Blightobody "Fleshy From The Wetter"
21. Woodenhorse "Focus"

Compilation CD


Sunbrain & Polecat
“Valentine's Day” b/w “Make Out Party”

Released in 1995

Lumberjack/Ghostmeat split release

This record is beautiful green and white marbled vinyl. It was a split release between Ghostmeat and Omaha, NE's Lumberjack Records which later became Saddle Creek Records. It includes a early recording of Sunbrain's "Valentine's Day"." The song was later re-recorded for the album Liquid. The Polecat song "Make Out Party" is exclusive to this release. The Omaha band featured the songs of Saddle Creek's Ted Stevens (Cursive, Mayday, Lullaby For The Working Class).

Split 7”


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