The Remedy

This Toccoa, GA quartet was the high-school band of Andy LeMaster (Drip, Now It's Overhead), Clay Leverett (Drip, Now It's Overhead, Lona, Lures, The Chasers) and Casey Scott (Drip, Lona, Desaparecidos, Bright Eyes). The band released several cassettes on Toccoa's Rage Records and a split 7" record with Clemson, SC's Sunbrain.


Sunbrain & The Remedy
“Pressure Face” & “Résumé” b/w “I Try”

Released in 1994

Originally released on Toccoa, GA's Rage Records

This record features early recordings from Clemson, SC's Sunbrain and Toccoa, GA's The Remedy. The song "Pressure Face" was pulled from Sunbrain's Grass Records debut Perfection Lies. "Résumé" is a result of Sunbrain's first recording session with The Remedy's Andy LeMaster (Drip, Now It's Overhead, Bright Eyes). It is exclusive to this release. "I Try" was pulled from The Remedy's Rage Records cassette. All three songs are loud and fast. This record is a great little time capsule of both bands.

Split 7"

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