From left to right: Ben Armstrong (drums), Robb Nansel (guitar), Conor Oberst (vocals, guitar), Todd Baechle (bass)

Commander Venus

During different incarnations of the band, Omaha, NE's Commander Venus featured a teenaged Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos), Tim Kasher (Slowdown Virginia, Cursive), Todd Baechle (The Faint) and Robb Nansel (Saddle Creek). The band recorded for Lumberjack Records which later became Saddle Creek Records and New York's Wind-Up Records. One of Commander Venus' first releases was the song "Pay Per View" on Ghostmeat's Apollo's Salvage compilation CD released in 1995. In 1996, Ghostmeat and Saddle Creek collaborated to release a Drip & Commander Venus split 7".

Apollo's Salvage

Featuring the exclusive song "Pay Per View" by Commander Venus.

Released in 1995

This extremely rare CD is part of a series of co-op compilations released by your friends here at Ghostmeat Records.

1. Oblio Joes "Desiree
2. Drip "Chopped"
3. Sunbrain "Center of Mass"
4. Polecat "1979"
5. Old Man "Pain"
6. Smashmouth "Figured 8"
7. Grumpy "Cold Shower"
8. The Phoids "Lil' Suzy"
9. The Union "Skategirl (Settle, Discipline)"
10. Atticus Flinch "Obvious"
11. Fischer "Bullet For Me"
12. The Butterflies "Great"
13. Commander Venus "Pay Per View"
14. Carmine "Han Solo"
15. Slowdown Virginia "C.B."
16. Painting Churches "Clothes Off"
17. Major Nelson "Role Reversal"
18. Chump "Red Balloons"
19. Michael "Wide Awake"
20. Blightobody "Fleshy From The Wetter"
21. Woodenhorse "Focus"


Drip & Commander Venus
“Last Go” b/w “Bow To The Prom Queen”

Released in 1996

Saddle Creek/Ghostmeat split release

This beautiful slab of blue vinyl was a split release between Ghostmeat and Omaha, NE's Saddle Creek Records. It features Toccoa, GA's Drip and Omaha's Commander Venus. Commander Venus was the first band of Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos). Both songs are exclusive to this release.

Split 7”

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